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What is Hypocredit?

What is Hypocredit?

It is a free short-term online loan platform, the company does not inquire about the destination of the loan. The customer decides how much he needs and the return period and after analyzing if it is suitable, the money in the account is paid. Without physical procedures and the advantage of carrying out the entire process online. It is a company legally incorporated in Spain and under the control of the company 4finance Spain Financial Services SAU The story is on

– NIF: A86521309
– Registered in the mercantile registry of Madrid, in volume 30.268, folio 46, section 8, sheet M-544.749, Inscription 1ª.
– Address: Calle Génova 27.2ª plant 28004.

Advantages of Hypocredit loans

`Advantages of Hypocredit loans

Online processing, it is possible to request the loan from anywhere with an Internet connection. You can say goodbye to move by obligation to an entity to ask for a loan.

Flexibility; you decide when you want to pay it according to your debt capacity.

Speed, you get a direct deposit into your bank account in a matter of minutes.

It is possible to amortize the credit in advance.

Transparency: from the first moment you can know the real value of the loan, how much you will finally pay.

They offer advice free of charge.

Requirements to access a loan in Hypocredit

In order to access Hypocredit services, it is necessary to have a bank account, be of legal age, reside in Spain, possess a telephone number and email address.

Steps to obtain a credit

Steps to obtain a credit

1.It is necessary to meet these minimum requirements:

• Holder of a bank account
• Use a personal email
• Have a phone number
• Be of legal age and resident in Spain

2. Complete your application:

• It is necessary to provide the minimum data to access a credit, identity document

• The information will be kept secure under the terms of confidentiality required by Spanish legislation

3. Request the amount and term of your convenience:

• Initially you can only order up to € 300. By paying the first loan, you can reapply the previous amount and if we wait 1 week the amount requested may be higher

• A good credit history with this entity guarantees access to a larger amount

4. Wait for the entity’s response:

• According to the information provided and the analysis made by the default risk entity, the client will receive a negative or positive response.

5. The contract is signed electronically:

• A code will be sent to the e-mail and mobile phone of the customer to carry out the electronic fiam. It is important that the client can receive SMS.

6. If everything has gone smoothly, the client can access the money in his bank account:

• The entity will be responsible for making the deposit of the credit to the contributed account.

7. The credit can be paid on the agreed date or in advance to prefer the customer:

• Plan your economy to execute the return on the agreed date without setbacks

• A non-payment can generate fines, additional values ​​added to the payment of the previously agreed credit

8. This last step may be of interest to you:

After your experience if you recommend Hypocredit to friends, you can get prizes or discounts on your next credit.

It is possible that the entity contacts the customer approaching the date of payment, by email, SMS or phone calls, encouraging him to pay the debt on time or in advance, can also remind him of the responsibilities relevant to his contract.

From the first moment the client can know how much he will pay for his credit today and the corresponding interest for the agreed date, knowing the final value of the credit.

The customer can pay the credit or loan at any time and only pay the interest, costs and expenses incurred up to that moment. You can save money with it.

This entity does not charge commissions or penalties for early payment.

If the client does not pay on time the entity the entity will automatically collect the credit refund after the agreed date.

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