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Is it true to use a credit card for business or business capital? The answer is not absolutely wrong and is not absolutely true, depending on the situation and conditions. Do not rush to make decisions, consider first the disadvantages of using a credit card for business capital or business.


Is it High Risk, Use a credit card for Business Capital or Business?

Is it High Risk, Use a credit card for Business Capital or Business?

Running a business will certainly always be synonymous with a number of capital, even though the type of business that you will run is only small scale. Often capital becomes an obstacle for most prospective entrepreneurs. Are you feeling this way too?

Speaking of business capital, there are actually two sources that you can consider, namely money yourself or other people’s money (OPM ). What if the money we have cannot meet 100% of capital? Inevitably, you have to use other people’s money. Some other types of money:


Other People Money, Company Stock / Ownership Scheme

Other People Money, Company Stock / Ownership Scheme

If you choose this option, you have to find investors to fund your business. Instead, you have to give some ownership to investors.


Other People Money, Debt / Loan Schemes

Other People Money, Debt / Loan Schemes

If you choose the second option, then you have to find a loan source. There are several loan sources, such as:

  1. Loans to known people: parents, siblings, close friends or relatives.
  2. Loan from the supplier : You ask for a consignment system or take the goods first, pay after the sale. The principle is that you ask for a tempo item or a reverse payment to the seller.
  3. Loans from the buyer ( buyer ): You can start a business with a pre order system. For example, message buyers design clothes and pay first and then you have the capital to produce clothes.
  4. Loans to banks / lending institutions: can be investment loans, business loans, people’s business loans , unsecured loans (KTA), credit cards. Let’s discuss further about using a credit card for business capital.


Credit Card for Business Capital or Business

Credit Card for Business Capital or Business

Many people are forcing credit cards for business capital, because of easy requirements. If you want to apply for people’s business credit (KUR), then you need to complete the legality documents for KTP, KK, NPWP, SIUP (Trade Business License), SKDU (Certificate of Business Domicile), photocopy of the account for the last 6 months. On the other hand there is a price that you have to pay, which is a fairly large credit card interest. Here are the considerations you should think about before using a credit card for business / business capital:


# 1 Credit Application Requirements

Before deciding to use a credit card for business capital, make sure you already understand the terms and conditions that apply. Do not let your intention to be able to generate a number of benefits from using a credit card, it will end up with a number of losses / debts that are not covered later.


# 2 Business Feasibility

# 1 Credit Application Requirements

Not all businesses can be capitalized using a credit card. You need to conduct a business feasibility test, before deciding to use a credit card for business capital. As an example:

If you are still unsure of your decision to use a credit card for business capital, please leave a question in the comments column. Our financial planner will help explain.


# 3 Schemes Used

  • How much interest is your credit card charged?
  • How will the bank calculate the time for payment of the card?
  • What date is the credit card payment?
  • How do you pay credit cards? Can it be through internet banking, must go to an ATM or have to pay through a bank?

Things like this are also very important for you to look at from the start, because just a little wrong, then a number of losses will come to your finances. Regarding this maturity date, you also need to take into account the ability of funds available in your business.

Examples of fatal errors:

  • Some of your customers pay every 26th.
  • Your credit card bill is paid every 18th.

This condition is a high risk, because you may be experiencing cash flow difficulties (cash flow).

On a credit card, you are only one day late in making a payment, then a number of these bills will be directly charged interest and late fees. For this reason, a healthy cash flow will also be needed to maximize the use of your credit card.


# 4 High Commitment and Discipline

High Commitment and Discipline

Similar to various other credit facilities that are disbursed by banks, credit cards are also a facility for the amount of debt that you get from them. It is very important for you to always remember this well, so that you can use the credit card facilities that you have on target.

If you have decided to use your credit card as business capital, then make sure you have a strong commitment to avoid various other uses that are consumptive, such as shopping and various other needs outside of the business you are running. By carrying out this discipline and commitment, the use of credit cards will be directed and not messy. You will also find it easier to allocate some of your business funds / income to pay a number of bills that are specifically used as business capital.


Credit Cards Are Basically Not Made For Business Capital

Credit Cards Are Basically Not Made For Business Capital

Basically, the effectiveness or failure of the use of credit cards as business capital will greatly depend on how you manage the credit card. If it turns out that you are able to do it with full calculation and also the right consideration, then this can bring good and maximum benefits in the business that you will run.

Although using credit card debt as business capital is a common thing, this is still worth considering again by looking at a few points above.

Have you ever experienced problems, use credit cards for business capital?

The Easiest Ways to Waste Your Business Funds Wed, 07 Aug 2019 01:20:30 +0000

Whether you are managing a new business or one that has been operating for years, in order to succeed you need to limit the amount of wasted spending, which can be costing you large amounts of money each year. Reigning over spending and being at the forefront of managing your assets does not have to mean being miserable, you just need to make sure that your business is not throwing money overboard. Here are some of the most common ways businesses waste their money.


Expense accounts

more expenses

The first way to easily waste the funds of a business is by spending unnecessary expense accounts. Business expense accounts should only be used for necessary purchases, and although this can sometimes involve a dinner or a thank you gift for a customer, spending your expense account is an easy way to reduce your benefits. Make sure your template knows what and why they can not use the company’s money, and consider auditing your expense accounts regularly to eliminate the temptation to charge inappropriate costs. The better you track your assets, the less likely you are to have any problems with improper use.




It is easy to get carried away when it comes to marketing, money is often used in things that do not give a real benefit. Make sure you have a solid idea of ​​what you are trying to do with your marketing strategy, and keep your marketing plan simple at least until the business is stable and successful. Once you have a solid foundation and a little more financial support, it may be worth investing in marketing techniques and tricks. So until you have spare money, keep your marketing actions simple instead of using expensive methods that are not a guarantee of success.



credit loan

Having a team that works well and is appropriate for the work your business does is a great starting point on the road to success, but make sure you choose your team carefully so you do not waste your business money. Buying unnecessary things is a great waste of resources, as is buying low quality equipment that will need to be replaced frequently. If you do not want to waste your business money, buy specific equipment for your needs and make sure it is something that will last.



credit problem

Although it is a good idea to have a party from time to time-whether to boost the morale of your staff or to thank your loyal customers-be careful and do not miss your sophisticated celebrations. Making a party is one thing, but a super party to satisfy the ego with wine and caviar takes things too far. If your business is successful and you do not need to stay on a tight budget for longer, extravagant parties can be fun, but you’re still starting and you do not have an unlimited amount of money to spend, presume a little less and have extravagant parties less than mend

Find Out More About Dropship, Many Online Businesses Without Capital Are Interested! Wed, 22 May 2019 01:50:38 +0000 Maybe you are often and familiar when you hear the term dropship business. Or maybe, have you ever run or just wanted to run a business that was lured by this “online business without capital”? For those of you who want to run an online business without capital, dropship can be the right solution for you. However, before starting an online business without capital, let’s find out more about dropship!

Dropship is basically a product sales system, where sellers only need to forward orders to suppliers. The supplier will package and send the ordered product that you forwarded from the buyer. Simply put, you don’t need to buy, package and send the products you sell. Everything is done by suppliers. All you need to do is to install product photos/videos, market products through social media promotion, e-commerce, and so on, then forward the order to the seller.

We recognize first, the advantages and disadvantages of this online business without capital!


Advantages of Online Business Without Capital



To start an online business without capital is indeed quite easy. You only need to find the right supplier, post photos and video products that have been provided by the supplier, while marketing them diligently and consistently. In addition, you also need to serve the questions of the buyer in a friendly, responsive, and informative manner.


Cheap Capital

Cheap Capital

The dropship theory which is said to be an online business without capital is true. Simply put, you don’t need to spend a penny to make a profit. However, to market the product, you need to be active on social media and e-commerce so you don’t lose competitiveness with other dropship stores. Therefore, you only need to spend money to buy internet or wifi quota to do this.


Low risk

Because there is no need to buy products sold by suppliers, the risk of selling can be said to be low. You will order the product from the supplier when the order from the buyer is entered and the money has been paid. So, when your product does not sell, you will not experience losses because you do not spend money to buy the product.


Anytime, Anywhere

Dropship business is indeed profitable if you pursue this online business without capital. Easy, you really only need to be a liaison between buyers and suppliers. So, you can run this business anytime and anywhere, through your laptop or smartphone.

Apart from the advantages, there are some disadvantages of the dropship business that you also need to pay attention to.


Lack of Online Business Without Capital

Lack of Online Business Without Capital

1. Strict Business Competition

Because the dropship business is an online business without capital that is also easy and low risk, many people who run this business as a side business. With today’s technological advancements, it seems that everyone who owns a smartphone can run this business. In fact, many also know, teenagers who are still in school are active in running this business to get extra money. So, this online business without capital does have very many competitors.


2. Supplier error


Supplier errors are the most risky points when running a dropship business. As explained earlier, dropship is an online business without capital that allows you as a seller to not need to buy, package or send products. All are done by suppliers, but buyers buy products through you. So, when there are mistakes from suppliers such as late delivery, product defects, etc., it is the responsibility that you need to bear because usually, buyers don’t want to know about supplier errors because they feel they are paying for the product, not the supplier.


3. Small profits

This last point is still related to the first point. Because online business competition without capital is indeed tight, the profits you get may be lower. If you set a high price to reap a large profit, prospective buyers will certainly not buy products in your store because they can get the same product at a lower price in other stores. This is certainly a difficult consideration. Ask yourself again, would you rather get a big profit but find it difficult to get a buyer, or a minimal profit but become a subscription for many people?

What happens if I do not pay a personal loan in Spain? Thu, 16 May 2019 07:29:21 +0000

When deciding to apply for a loan we are aware that it is necessary to pay it in the most timely manner possible, since otherwise we will be involved in a series of legal problems that we all prefer to avoid. However, fortune and destiny do not always run on our side or support our needs and many times, what you initially had for sure and what you were completely convinced becomes a false step and cracks under your feet. economic plan. Personal finances are destroyed and we can do nothing more than watch in horror how the responsibilities acquired become impossible to cope with and we ask ourselves what happens if I do not pay a personal loan in Spain?

Personal Loan

Personal Loan

In some cases we are unable to pay the loans we have requested and we are faced with a situation that we can not avoid in any way due to force majeure. If this is the case you must be aware of what could happen if you do not pay for personal loans and understand that the consequences of this can be quite serious and disastrous and make the situation completely unsustainable.

The first thing we must say about this is that the vast majority of cases in which a personal loan is not paid, is due to the mismanagement of personal finances. This means that we have miscalculated our payment capabilities from the beginning and we have rushed to get the loan, without realizing that the deadlines and amounts did not correspond with our true capacity to take responsibility. Therefore, the best thing to do is that before applying for a loan you are fully aware of your needs but also, and most of all, of your financial and administrative capabilities so that you do not become even more indebted.

Now, if the problem was not one of personal administration, but in fact there was a different incident, the default conditions of each of the supplier agencies are different. In that sense you must be very alert of the terms and conditions and not accept them if you think that they present difficulties when it comes to fulfilling your financial responsibilities. Among the conditions of default you can find changes in the rate or interest rate, which is calculated according to the payment period initially agreed, but once modified is also reflected in your interests.

In this sense you will have to face a payment of a sum even greater than initially agreed. However, some agencies reward the discipline of payment, so if you make a loan and comply fully you will have benefits such as a lower interest rate for the next loan, more time to pay it and a greater amount that you can borrow. However, if you fail to comply with these conditions you will be excluded from these benefits.

If the payment is delayed more and more and the interests make the sum rise so much that it is impossible to pay it, these agencies, in case of having requested labor information, can contact directly with your employer or report you to the lists of defaulters of Spain as they are Financial Credit Insitutions. On the other hand, in the circumstances in which a loan with mortgage guarantees was carried out, the lender entity could take legal possession of the property that you placed as collateral for your loan.

In this sense, in case you see yourself in an economic predicament, we recommend you to contact the provider agency directly and request that one of the agents help you. They will always be willing to provide you with some possibilities and support you along the way to find a beneficial solution for both.

However, the most important thing will always be to maintain an awareness of our own economic situation. Do not assume responsibilities that you can not fulfill and manage your assets in the wisest and most calculated way possible.

Business Loan: Immediate Money Loans Fri, 12 Apr 2019 02:25:22 +0000

What is Hypocredit?

What is Hypocredit?

It is a free short-term online loan platform, the company does not inquire about the destination of the loan. The customer decides how much he needs and the return period and after analyzing if it is suitable, the money in the account is paid. Without physical procedures and the advantage of carrying out the entire process online. It is a company legally incorporated in Spain and under the control of the company 4finance Spain Financial Services SAU The story is on

– NIF: A86521309
– Registered in the mercantile registry of Madrid, in volume 30.268, folio 46, section 8, sheet M-544.749, Inscription 1ª.
– Address: Calle Génova 27.2ª plant 28004.

Advantages of Hypocredit loans

`Advantages of Hypocredit loans

Online processing, it is possible to request the loan from anywhere with an Internet connection. You can say goodbye to move by obligation to an entity to ask for a loan.

Flexibility; you decide when you want to pay it according to your debt capacity.

Speed, you get a direct deposit into your bank account in a matter of minutes.

It is possible to amortize the credit in advance.

Transparency: from the first moment you can know the real value of the loan, how much you will finally pay.

They offer advice free of charge.

Requirements to access a loan in Hypocredit

In order to access Hypocredit services, it is necessary to have a bank account, be of legal age, reside in Spain, possess a telephone number and email address.

Steps to obtain a credit

Steps to obtain a credit

1.It is necessary to meet these minimum requirements:

• Holder of a bank account
• Use a personal email
• Have a phone number
• Be of legal age and resident in Spain

2. Complete your application:

• It is necessary to provide the minimum data to access a credit, identity document

• The information will be kept secure under the terms of confidentiality required by Spanish legislation

3. Request the amount and term of your convenience:

• Initially you can only order up to € 300. By paying the first loan, you can reapply the previous amount and if we wait 1 week the amount requested may be higher

• A good credit history with this entity guarantees access to a larger amount

4. Wait for the entity’s response:

• According to the information provided and the analysis made by the default risk entity, the client will receive a negative or positive response.

5. The contract is signed electronically:

• A code will be sent to the e-mail and mobile phone of the customer to carry out the electronic fiam. It is important that the client can receive SMS.

6. If everything has gone smoothly, the client can access the money in his bank account:

• The entity will be responsible for making the deposit of the credit to the contributed account.

7. The credit can be paid on the agreed date or in advance to prefer the customer:

• Plan your economy to execute the return on the agreed date without setbacks

• A non-payment can generate fines, additional values ​​added to the payment of the previously agreed credit

8. This last step may be of interest to you:

After your experience if you recommend Hypocredit to friends, you can get prizes or discounts on your next credit.

It is possible that the entity contacts the customer approaching the date of payment, by email, SMS or phone calls, encouraging him to pay the debt on time or in advance, can also remind him of the responsibilities relevant to his contract.

From the first moment the client can know how much he will pay for his credit today and the corresponding interest for the agreed date, knowing the final value of the credit.

The customer can pay the credit or loan at any time and only pay the interest, costs and expenses incurred up to that moment. You can save money with it.

This entity does not charge commissions or penalties for early payment.

If the client does not pay on time the entity the entity will automatically collect the credit refund after the agreed date.

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Loan for Business Founders Despite Private Credit Sun, 24 Mar 2019 14:28:01 +0000

It is extremely difficult to take out a loan for business start-ups, despite private credit, because start-ups usually require a loan that is not insignificantly higher, which of course must also be secured by appropriate collateral against the lender. However, if there is already a bad private credit entry, which can always be assumed, if a loan is requested without checking the private credit, this situation is usually not given.

If the potential borrower then comes out of unemployment, banks are even more skeptical than ever. A well-designed business plan with a clear line and well-founded sales and earnings forecasts can increase the chances of a start-up loan, even if the business idea outweighs and the market actually offers potential for other participants. Nevertheless, the initial situation for borrowers is quite bad, because if the credit rating is classified as insufficient, usually the best business plan does not help much.

If the loan is then still relatively high, a rejection by the big banks and direct banks takes place relatively quickly. In order to still receive the credit for business start-ups despite private credit, the only option left is to additionally secure the loan with a guarantee or attachable capital. If a guarantor is not at hand and no assets are available, which could be seized, a rejection is almost inevitable.

How about your own independence?

How about your own independence?

But if start-ups are to be done in any case, founders need to look for another way to raise debt. A private loan is a possibility, but often difficult to realize due to the generally high sum. Perhaps a business partner could also be involved in the formation, which has a corresponding creditworthiness, the necessary confidence in the project or even a high level of equity capital.

However, this possibility is of course only given if at least one of the factors applies and the person concerned can also be moved to make that decision. Although it is difficult to obtain credit for start-up companies through direct banks despite private credit, the attempt can of course be made. A loan comparator can be found suitable providers with attractive terms, which sometimes differ in their adoption rate.

Thus, targeted loan providers can be selected, which have a high acceptance rate and do not ask a query to the private credit. Then a loan may be possible, but a positive outcome is not too likely. Nevertheless, the comparison is of course completely free and not binding until the loan application. However, if a refusal occurs, the founder and borrower incur no costs.

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Loans for your car Sun, 24 Feb 2019 08:33:28 +0000

How many times have we not been forced to sell or pawn our possessions to find ourselves in a financial crisis that seems to have no way out. There are no friends to support us and it seems that all banks lend money only to those who do not need it and can afford what they want for themselves, but never to the one who really needs it because he has lost his job and the debts and bills are accumulating. This frustration is classic and can lead to despair and hopelessness. For this reason, the financial market has found in this need an opportunity to support its users and give them a hand at the time when they need it most.

Make a loan for your car

Make a loan for your car

One of the major modalities that has been popularizing in recent years is the credit that is made with the endorsement of the ownership of a car. This means that it does not matter if you have been or are currently reporting to credit risk centers such as Financial Credit Institutions, since in this case it is not your history that guarantees your credit, but the ownership of your vehicle.

To make the loan, it is necessary to take into account that the amount of the loan will be made for approximately 80% of the maximum value of the vehicle. This means that first you have to have an objective reference of the value of the same to be able to make the calculations of the loan. This objective valuation of the price may be carried out by the same agency that provides the service free of charge, by means of which you will obtain an official valuation immediately and with all the documents required to be able to carry out the rest of the process. With respect to the documents of ownership of the vehicle it is imperative that they are in order and your name, because otherwise it will not be possible to make any loan.

Similarly, it must be taken into account that the age of the car also represents an important factor when it comes to appraising the vehicle, since a loan that is too high for a car that has been in the market for 10 years can not be requested. In case of non-compliance with the payment rules, the deadlines and the agreed dates and definitively desist from honoring the agreement in the terms and conditions, the ownership of the car will change and will be taken over by the credit agency. For this reason it is more than advisable to have an absolute knowledge about the ability to pay and personal finances when making one of these loans. It is key not to venture without having any support or hope to assume the responsibilities contracted.

This is why it is important to be very well informed of the payment dates, which vary depending on each agency, but which can usually be between 1 and 5 years. In case you need more time you can negotiate with the agent of the agency that contacts you to verify your information. Usually vehicles with more than 15 years old are not accepted as a credit guarantee, but if it is not your case you can count on that at any time you will have a capital in your name and you can use it as you wish. If you want to know more about the policies and the terms and conditions of this type of secured loans you can find several listings of all the vehicles and brands that are currently being accepted as loan guarantee, in different specialized websites.

What are the Best Negotiating Tactics for Taking Out an Installment Loan? Tue, 05 Feb 2019 16:00:10 +0000

For good loan advice you must of course go to an intermediary or bank. But there are plenty of tips on the internet to help you take out the most advantageous installment loan. With these tips you are able to maneuver yourself into a better negotiating position. Read the tips below carefully and apply them later during your intake at the bank. for further clarification

Convince with a file that is in order

Convince with a file that is in order

For example, you use an installment loan to finance a new car or for a renovation. You can request this at the bank or through an intermediary. At the bank, however, you have the option of negotiating the interest and the term of the loan. Request a meeting with the bank manager and take a convincing file with you. Prepare well for the interview. As if it is an important job interview! Take for example important evidence.




Take proofs of what? You could think of proof that you have paid off loans you applied for in the past without any problems.



Have you taken out all your insurance policies elsewhere? Then indicate that you want to transfer it to the bank (with which you are negotiating the loan). The bank can earn extra from you, which improves your negotiating position. If you have already taken out insurance with this bank, emphasize this during the interview!



 If you think that your income will increase in the future, then that is also a very good reason to provide detailed arguments. In any case, it is important to emphasize that your work situation is currently stable.

Be inexorable

Be inexorable

The bank wants to earn as much as possible from you. But you want to save as much money as possible. Play the game hard and give in as little as possible. Act if necessary that you are a good negotiator! Can the bank not lend you a certain amount and must you do it with a lower loan amount? Then indicate that you expect this from them.

Make sure that you also have the loan conditions and the framework conditions of other banks ready. During the interview, indicate that you might be able to borrow elsewhere on better terms.

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